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Advertising Ideas for Cars

So you want to sell your car, but are having a little difficulty getting the word out, right? Don’t panic. With a little creative advertising, you can sell your car quickly and pocket some cold, hard cash. There’s no need to settle for less than the car is worth, either. Use these suggestions to effectively reach hundreds of potential buyers [...] Read full entry

Selling a Car – How to Value Your Car

Feb 17, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Autos By Text News, Text Marketing Tips, Text Message Marketing Advice
When it comes to selling a car, whether you are an individual selling your own car or an auto dealer selling hundreds of cars, the bottom line is, you need to know what the car is worth. Before you head off in search of your car’s worth, let’s discuss some of the things that could affect the value of your [...] Read full entry

How to Use to Increase Sales

Feb 13, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Autos By Text News, Mobile Advertising
If you are an auto dealer or trying to sell your car yourself, you cannot afford to overlook the valuable tools offered on If selling cars quickly and efficiently is your game - and we’re sure it is - then listen up because this article is going to tell you all the ways can save you money, make [...] Read full entry

How to Obtain a Business License as an Auto Dealer

Feb 11, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Autos By Text News
car dealer license So, you want to sell cars. You have the finesse - that special flair - that will make you a successful auto dealer, and you are ready to get started. That’s great! However, before you can begin selling cars to the average consumer, your state has special requirements you must meet. For instance, California requires its potential car dealers to [...] Read full entry

Do Americans Like Buying Cars?

Feb 04, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Autos By Text News, SMS Marketing, Text Message Marketing Advice
mobile marketing If you dread the hassle of buying a new car, you are like most other Americans. If negotiating price with an auto dealer has your stomach in knots, you are not alone. Kelley Blue Book users shared their feelings on car buying in a recent survey, and the results are not that surprising. Haggling, test-driving and the red tape of [...] Read full entry