3 Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships

Selling cars is one of the most competitive businesses there is. Sales must be high to see profits, but getting those sales can be tough. Even if your dealership offers the best deals in town on the most awesome vehicles, unless the buyers find their way to your showroom, it’s all for naught. You have to give potential buyers a reason to come to your showroom, and that’s where a creative, strategic marketing campaign comes in.

Here are 3 marketing ideas that work to bring people to you to buy their next car.

Targeted Marketing
The target audience of a car dealership is huge; almost everyone needs a car. However, within that huge audience is a wide variety of people, with an even wider variety of needs. For instance, a senior citizen will not be interested in purchasing a muscle car, but the new college graduate might be.  A college student living on a macaroni & cheese budget couldn’t care less about a third backseat and extra cargo space, but that mom of three will. To entice the right people, you must target individual marketing strategies to suit their needs.
For example, if your dealership is offering a great deal to college graduates, begin your advertising campaign in a university newspaper. This type of ad always generates a lot of interest among new graduates.
Another way to target the right people is with radio advertising. Most radio stations are designed to appeal to a certain group of people. Many of these people have age, gender, and lifestyle in common, making it easy to target a large group of like-minded buyers. If you have trucks for sale, place an ad on a country radio station to bring in interested truck buyers.

Stick in the Mind
It may sound cheesy, but if you create a catchy jingle to accompany your advertisement, you’ll find more customers flocking to your showroom. The reason for this is because, even though it may seem no one is listening to your commercials when they come on TV or the radio, catchy tunes stick in the mind of the listener whether they want them to or not. When he or she begins thinking about buying a car, where do you think they will come first? That’s right; your showroom because they can’t get your cheesy tune out of their head.

Sponsorships Work
One of the fastest ways to impress current and future buyers is to paint yourself in a charitable light. There are many charitable organizations and opportunities in any community, and if your dealership lends a helping hand, people notice. Volunteer to loan cars for special outings, or provide your time or services during special events. Attaching your dealership’s name to a good cause is a sure-fire way to present yourself as a trustworthy place to do business.

Selling automobiles can be a dog-eat-dog business, but with the right marketing campaign, you can rise above your competition and see big profits. It all comes down to targeting the right people with the features they need when they need them. Give buyers a reason to shop your showroom, and make them feel they have to buy from you with a marketing campaign that’s creative, fun, and enticing.


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