Advertising Ideas for Cars

So you want to sell your car, but are having a little difficulty getting the word out, right? Don’t panic. With a little creative advertising, you can sell your car quickly and pocket some cold, hard cash. There’s no need to settle for less than the car is worth, either. Use these suggestions to effectively reach hundreds of potential buyers easily.

Begin Advertising Online First
Most buyers begin their search for a new vehicle online. It’s convenient and easy to find several cars at once, so it makes sense to start there. Websites like Craigslist, Ebay and our very own Autosbytext offer services and listings to help sellers get the word out that they have a car to sell. Thousands of people looking to buy visit these sites every day, so take some good pictures, write a detailed listing and post your car online before utilizing other more traditional methods.

Take Out an Ad in the Local Paper
The newspaper and local marketplace magazines are still a great place to advertise your car for sale. Ad placement is relatively inexpensive, and sometimes free, so definitely utilize your local resources. If you’ve signed up with, don’t forget to use the QR codes given to you in your print ads so people can text in for more information about your car. This is a great way to give a lot of information without having to spend all of your free time on the phone.

Auto Dealers Can Help
Sometimes, your local auto dealership can sell your car for you on consignment. This means you agree to pay them a percentage of what the car sells for in exchange for advertising it for you.

Don’t Forget about Social Media
Almost everyone uses social media these days, and it’s a great way to spread the word. Place pictures and a detailed description on your page and encourage your friends to share it with their friends. Again, if you’ve signed up for, you have the capability to connect your ABT listing with your Facebook and Twitter accounts right from your dashboard. It’s a simple, effective way to advertise your car for sale without having to put a lot of effort forth.

Post Flyers Wherever you can
Many local places like grocery stores, Laundromats, churches, etc. have bulletin boards where people can post things they have for sale. Create and print flyers from you Autosbytext dashboard to distribute them about your community, and don’t forget about the QR codes. Include them on everything so people can text in for more information. This is the quickest way for an interested buyer to get the information they seek.

Drive the Car
What better way to sell your car than to actually drive it so the world can see it’s for sale? Make sure you have a “For Sale” sign prominently displayed in one of the windows (with your QR code!) and drive it any time you have to go out. When an interested buyer can actually see the vehicle and hear it run, they will be more apt to buy it. The car itself is the best advertising there is!


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