It´s NEVER been easier to Sell More Vehicles!

If you’re looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to market your vehicles, we have the solution for you. Our Vehicle Text Message Marketing Service is without question, the best way for your salesmen to instantly communicate with potential buyers.

“Save money on classifieds advertising by listing vehicle codes for each car listing instead of paying extra for photos!”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small used car dealer with ten cars for sale or a large dealership with thousands. With our system, there will be no more missed opportunities to sell a car. The text messaging tools provided by are simple to setup and extremely easy to use.

This is how it works:
An interested car buyer stops by your dealership but doesn’t see a salesman around to ask questions about a particular vehicle. Instead of leaving the lot or waiting for help, they can send a quick text message to your unique car code. In a matter of seconds they’ll receive the Year, Make, Model, Mileage, Price, Car Details and Salesmen Contact Info, right on their mobile phone! We’ll even capture their cell phone number and forward it to your salesmen instantly. From there, you can give them a quick call back while the lead is HOT!

You’ll even save money on classified ads! Don’t pay extra for photos or extra words in your ad. With, all you need to do is list a unique vehicle code in your listing like this:

“2010 Honda Accord – Blue, 4 Door, Mint Condition”.
Text Honda to (5 Digit Short Code) for more info and photos.

When an interested buyer sees your ad, they can send a text message to receive every detail about the vehicle including photos, right on their mobile device.

Use all of these tools to Sell More Vehicles!

  • Vehicle Listing Create Vehicle Listings with detailed information. Show the price, mileage, photos and more!
  • Auto Responders Create a sales funnel with timed auto responders to Buyers who subscribed to your opt-in list. Keep them informed of new Cars you have for sale!
  • QR Codes Building QR codes for each vehicle enables buyers to access details quickly.
  • Mobile Landing Pages Build a sophisticated Mobile Landing Page showcasing your business or create a simple eBusiness card. Our system can make both with ease!
  • Scheduled Tasks You can schedule text messages for a later date and keep track of them with our Scheduled Tasks Manager feature.
  • Connect Twitter Connect your Twitter account to Tweet all of your Cars for sale! Increase your reach to potential Car buyers.
  • Connect Facebook Connect your Facebook Account to Post all of your Cars for sale! Interact with your clients and sell more Cars.
  • Free Ad Generator Create flyers and Print, Email, Download or Send to Facebook and Twitter!     Click here to see a sample.


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