Do Americans Like Buying Cars?

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Mobile MarketingIf you dread the hassle of buying a new car, you are like most other Americans. If negotiating price with an auto dealer has your stomach in knots, you are not alone. Kelley Blue Book users shared their feelings on car buying in a recent survey, and the results are not that surprising. Haggling, test-driving and the red tape of buying a car leave many Americans with a bad taste in their mouth.

Jumping Through Hoops

When asked if consumers enjoy haggling the price when purchasing a new car, a resounding fifty-nine percent said they hated it. Unbelievably, twenty-seven percent said they loved it, and about twelve percent said they did not mind haggling over the price of a new vehicle.

When it comes to buying a new car, price is usually the deciding factor in whether a consumer purchases the vehicle, so it is no surprise that so many people dread the haggling process.

Test Drives

While trying out new vehicles can be fun, many American consumers feel uncomfortable taking cars off the lot when accompanied by a salesperson. Sixty-seven percent said they would prefer to test drive a vehicle by themselves, while thirty percent of Americans said they did not mind taking a test drive with a salesperson. A small percentage – three percent – said they would prefer to test-drive a vehicle with any other dealership staff than the salesperson.

On a different note, if the dealership were to offer a service where they would bring a vehicle to the consumer, either at their work or at home, fifty-six percent say they would definitely schedule a test drive. Convenience is key when it comes to test driving a car. Consumers want to feel they can try a car out in a manner that suits them without feeling as if someone is looking over their shoulder the whole time.

Purchasing a Car Online

According to the survey, the decision to buy a car is not easily influenced by end-of-year clearance sales. Sixty percent of American consumers say that these end-of-year sales do not affect their vehicle purchasing decisions.

When asked how they feel about purchasing a car online, not quite half of the consumers polled said they would never buy a car online. Almost thirty percent said they would consider it if they found the right car at the right price, and seventeen percent said they have already purchased, or planned to purchase a vehicle online.

The Internet makes it easier and easier to buy things online, including cars. You no longer have to physically visit a dealership to purchase a quality vehicle, and with websites like, it is easier than ever to find the perfect car at a great price. When sellers use to sell their cars, potential buyers have access to a wealth of information about the vehicle through texting including year, make, model, details about the car, and seller’s contact information.

Regardless of whether you would buy a vehicle online or not, is one way car sellers are using the Internet to quickly and efficiently reach more potential buyers.


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