Save Money… Sell Your Car Faster!

Show your car to potential buyers without being there! Sounds weird, right? Let us show you how.

Listing your personal phone number on a For Sale sign or in a Classified Ad is not the smartest thing to do. You’ll be answering calls all day from tire kickers or worse, your phone number can get into the wrong hands. By using, we’ll assign a unique car code to your vehicle. All you have to do is print that code in your classified ad, on a flyer or add it to your For Sale sign. A potential buyer can send a quick text message to your car code and view all of the details about your car, right on their mobile phone! No phone call needed.

Plus you’ll save money on classified ads too! Stop paying extra to add photos to your listing. All you have to do is use your unique car code in your ad and the interested buyer can view up to 10 photos of your car, right on their mobile device.

Sample ad:

“2010 Honda Accord – Blue, 4 Door, Mint Condition”.
Text Honda to (Your 5 Digit Short Code) for more info and photos.

This is how it works:
A car buyer sees your car code in your classified ad, on your flyer or For Sale sign. They send a text message to the code and receive the Year, Make, Model, Mileage, Price, Detailed Description and Photos sent right to their mobile phone. We’ll even capture their phone number and send it to you so you can call them back at your leisure. Yes…. It’s that simple and effective!

Easy to Use Features

  • Vehicle Listing Create Vehicle Listings with detailed information. Show the price, mileage, photos and more!
  • Auto Responders Create a sales funnel with timed auto responders to Buyers who subscribed to your opt-in list. Keep them informed of new Cars you have for sale!
  • QR Codes Building QR codes for each vehicle enables buyers to access details quickly.
  • Mobile Landing Pages Build a sophisticated Mobile Landing Page showcasing your business or create a simple eBusiness card. Our system can make both with ease!
  • Free Ad Generator Create flyers and Print, Email, Download or Send to Facebook and Twitter!     Click here to see a sample.


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