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May 07, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Autos By Text News, Text Message Marketing Advice

Car for Sale

Once you’ve decided to sell your car, there are things you can do to get a better price for it. Even an old, high-mileage vehicle can garner a decent price if it’s well maintained and clean when you put it up for sale. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to sell your car.

  • Just like a house that’s for sale, your car should have “curb appeal.” Curb appeal refers to the way the car looks inside and out. Wash the car and give it a coat of wax to make it shine. Pay special attention to the tires – if it has whitewalls, make sure they’re dazzling white. Clean the hubcaps so they sparkle, too. Inside the car, remove any personal belongings and vacuum it thoroughly. Be sure to get under the seats, too. Finish by washing the windows inside and out.
  • If your car has any minor body damage, small dents or scratches – you might want to consider taking it to an auto body shop for repairs. However, don’t spend the money if you don’t feel you can recoup it from the sale.
  • Make sure the car is in good working order. Be sure you have any service records on hand to show interested buyers – they like to know you kept up on regular maintenance. Look in the trunk and make sure the spare tire is inflated, and the jack and tire iron are there, too.
  • Finally, set a fair asking price for the car. Check out sites like or Kelly Blue Book to figure out what the car is worth in its current condition. Take good pictures of the car: roll down the windows to reduce glare, and be sure to include photos of the interior and odometer. When you’re ready to list the car for sale, offers great services to help. Detailed listings and your own personal text codes mean you reach more potential buyers easily. Lastly, don’t forget the “For Sale” sign in the car’s window (include your text code!).

The price of your used car will ultimately come down to its age and mileage, but its condition plays a big role, too. While it may seem like a hassle, preparing your car for sale correctly is key to selling your car quickly and easily. By doing things the right way before placing your car up for sale, you’ll sell the car faster and have a positive experience. Do everything you can to put the vehicle in the best possible condition so you get every penny it is worth.


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