How to sell your car online

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Selling your car online

The advent of the Internet once presented a major paradigm shift in the way many companies and individuals do business. Moreover, as technology has evolved, so has the way we use the Internet. The current trend toward mobile devices is causing yet another shift in how we communicate and interact online and this can be very advantageous for people who want to find the fastest route to selling their cars.

Complete, Concise Information

The advantages of having an online audience for your ad are numerous, not the least of which being the freedom to not only describe the vehicle in detail but also provide pictures and technical specifications. Using a good, simple mobile app greatly decreases any constraints on your ability to reach potential buyers with not just information about the vehicle, but what about the vehicle makes it a good buy.

Using resources like to sell your car online will give you a clear advantage as this service caters to people with busy lifestyles who may just not have the time to browse dozens of web sites looking for deals. Allowing potential buyers to see your ad on their smart phones gives you a real edge and will help you sell your car much faster than through other methods, even other paid sites.

High Exposure at a Low Cost

It is not unusual to post an ad in the morning on and have an inbox full of inquiries when you get home from work. You could even find your buyer that same day. The immediate results you could get make the value of their service clear. While the alternatives may be less expensive, it could take much longer to get even one inquiry, and some of your personal information is always exposed. helps eliminate these obstacles from the equation.


Image and presentation are very important. That is why allows you to post up to ten pictures of your car with your ad. Take full advantage of this and, as long as you have taken steps to make the car look presentable inside and out, you will see fast results. You may wish to consider removing any bumper stickers or personal add-ons before taking the pictures. Remember that you are not attempting to sell your old car; you are attempting to sell your buyer their new one.

Where to List

There are scores of sites out there that offer various services and tiers of exposure for your ad, depending on how much you want to pay for your listing. offers some great resources for both the individual seller and used car dealer that can help you market your car to a targeted audience of buyers who are looking for exactly what you are selling. Their rates are reasonable and the presentation on their site is a clean and professional enhancement to your listing.


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