Is Your Auto Dealership Website Mobile Friendly?

May 12, 13 | Posted by: Autos by Text on Car Dealer SEO & SEM, Car Dealer SMS Text Marketing

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Auto Dealership Friendly Mobile Website

According to a prediction made in 2008 by Mary Meeker, an analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufiled Byers (KPCB technology trends), mobile marketing will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014. That smart prediction isn’t far off. Mobile usage continues to climb astronomically, so what can auto dealers do to keep up with the times?

The answer is quite simple.

If you want more mobile traffic, you have to provide a mobile-friendly environment – specifically, a mobile-friendly website for your technologically savvy visitors. The truth of the matter is, if someone visits your website via their mobile device, and it’s not easily viewable, they will leave and probably visit a competitor’s website that is mobile friendly. So, if your website isn’t already mobile friendly, how can you make it so? Here are some suggestions.

Test your Site

You can test your site manually on various different mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), or there are websites that test mobile compatibility. One such site provided by Google called GoMo, allows you to input your site’s URL to view it as others see it on a mobile device. If you know your website isn’t mobile friendly, or you aren’t sure, check it out here. The insight you gain will lead you in the right direction.

Your Options for Supporting Mobile Users

  • Do nothing. If your website is not mobile friendly, and you choose to do nothing, it doesn’t mean mobile visitors won’t be able to see your content. What it does mean is:
    • There may be too much scrolling to the right.
    • You have to pinch all the time.
    • Images and videos will not display correctly.
    • Your website may load slowly.

What this all boils down to is, mobile users are typically impatient, and these things may negatively impact their experience on your website. Mobile usage will continue to grow, so if you’re not willing to make a change now, you should definitely plan to in the near future.

  • Go mobile. While there is a cost involved in either rebuilding your website or building a mobile version of your website, the return far outweighs the cost. 75% of customers prefer a mobile friendly site; providing them one will result in more sales, improved customer satisfaction, and even provide those customers with a way to share your site with others. Here are a couple of things to think about adding to your mobile friendly website:
    • Sharing icons
    • Twitter feed
    • Contact forms
    • Images
    • Text

The Rundown

An estimated 80% of auto buyers begin their search for a new vehicle online. The majority of them turn to the manufacturer’s website first before moving on to third party websites. Is your auto dealership website capable of handling this kind of mobile traffic? If not, it’s time to get it there, and can help. We provide a host of mobile marketing services, including a mobile landing page, for you to use to greet your mobile market where they shop most – on their mobile devices!



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