Mobile Marketing Trends for Auto Dealers

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Mobile Marketing Trends for Auto Dealers

Most potential car buyers begin their search for a new car online. Whether they’re interested in buying new or used doesn’t matter, and with the current and future rise in the use of mobile devices, auto dealers can significantly increase sales and brand recognition by utilizing mobile marketing campaigns. Many auto dealers already use mobile marketing strategies to reach potential buyers, but in case you haven’t, or don’t realize its importance yet, we’ve put together a list of several reasons why you should, and how to do it.

  1. By 2015, it is estimated that nearly two billion users will be accessing the mobile web. That means more people will be using their mobile devices to access the Internet than using desktop computers! This is a huge trend that auto dealers can take advantage of by optimizing their online presence right now.
  2. Just over 50% of mobile web users are over the age of 35, and 25.6% are between the ages of 25 and 34 – right in the range of most new car buyers.
  3. In 2010 to 2012, 20% of people leasing and purchasing a car used a smartphone to help with the purchase. They used the mobile devices to look up manufacturer information, availability, dealer addresses, and information from social media. Today, that percentage is growing astronomically!

From an auto dealer standpoint, it’s important to note a couple of considerations when it comes to mobile marketing.

  • It’s important to keep up with the times. Even if you already realize the value of mobile marketing, it’s important to constantly update how you present your mobile marketing campaign. For instance, not only is it important to provide optimization for mobile phones, you also should be offering apps and the like for other mobile devices like iPads and tablets.
  • Saving time and money. Ultimately, it comes down to saving the customer time and money. Mobile marketing makes it easier for potential car buyers to shop and compare, and if your dealership gives them the easiest way to do that, they will come to you when they’re ready to buy.

Questions to Ask Yourself
Attracting potential customers and encouraging them to buy from your showroom is ultimately what every auto dealer wants. Since most car buyers are already online, the best way to do this is by making your website more appealing to them than your competition’s website. It may not be possible to completely overhaul your website, but there are plenty of ways to appeal to mobile users to best hit your target market.

  • Website Accessibility. Is your website mobile-friendly? If a customer comes to your website and it isn’t easily viewable on their mobile device, they may go elsewhere. The services at provide a mobile landing page that greets customers with easy-to-view information that keeps them browsing the cars you have for sale.
  • Lead Generation. One of the benefits of mobile marketing is gathering usable leads. Autosbytext’s services makes it possible for you to gather the phone numbers of interested buyers so you can call them back while they’re still interested.
  • Social media is hot. Millions of people use social media each day; and not just to see what their friends are having for lunch, either. They use social media to shop, and with Autosbytext, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to actively connect with potential buyers.
  • Valuable Content. Buyers are looking for valuable content they can use. With Autosbytext’s detailed vehicle listings and email auto responders, you put a wealth of information right at buyers’ fingertips.


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