Promotional Ideas for Automobile Advertising

Advertising and marketing are two of the most important aspects to being a successful auto dealership. Potential buyers will not find their way to your dealership if you don’t present them with something entertaining or eye-catching, so creative promotion is vital. Here are a few ideas to help your dealership become a household name and bring the masses to you.

Car Magnets
What better way to advertise a car than to drive it? If you have a new model in stock, take it out for a spin and attach a car magnet to the side with some great eye-catching slogan or design. Since car magnets are easily applied and removed, and they don’t leave any residue or marks on the paint, they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Car magnets are a great advertising tool to promote a sale or an event, and more than one can be placed on a car at a time. You may even want to have small ones made with your company logo on it to hand out to customers who come into your dealership.

Although a little more costly, billboards are a great way to catch the eye of the passerby. A large, flashy, colorful sign promoting your special event or a great new car that’s just found its way to your showroom floor can entice potential buyers to stop in for a look. These signs are usually placed near the exit to your dealership or within sight of your dealership and can often be seen from miles away. A new billboard can attract several people with its entertaining message, and when the same people pass it day in and day out on their way to work and back, your name sticks in their minds.

Spread the word about your dealership by partnering with other companies. For instance, you may partner with a local carwash and offer free carwashes for a year with the purchase of a new vehicle. This is a win-win agreement for both parties since the carwash will be advertising, too. Be creative in your partnering. Check out the local businesses in your area and find ones that have a lot of business and can potentially benefit your dealership. Everybody wins when you work together.
When it comes to promotion and advertising, it’s anyone’s game. In order to stand out and stay ahead of the competition, you have to be creative in your approach. People are more likely to shop your selection of cars if they feel you have great deals and have a reputation for being real and honest. Don’t try to pull one over on your customers and make them feel that you understand their needs. Your customers will be more apt to buy a car from you if they feel they are dealing with someone who cares.
And don’t forget. To help you along in your marketing campaign, is here for you. In addition to the suggestions above, Autosbytext has many useful and necessary tools to help you reach more buyers and sell cars faster. Combine these promotional ideas with our services and you’re sure to become the number one car dealership in your area!


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